Cat arse-imal of the week

It has been suggested that I blog a cat arse-imal of the week (that is, my biggest ‘oops’).

There is only one real contender this week and it is short and sweet:

My boss was off on holiday and I wanted to ask if she was getting a bit ‘demob happy’ (in case that phrase is only used in my office, I meant getting a bit giddy and slowing down on the work to get into holiday mode).  Anyway, the phrase escaped me.  All I could remember is that it was a military based phrase that I was hunting around in the depths of my brain for.

So what did I actually say?  Yup.  I asked my boss if she was going commando.

Note:  Luckily I have a very lovely, very human boss who just laughed.  Thank you lovely boss :o)

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