Speeches and chocolate mice

I’ve been writing my wedding speech.  I’m in total panic as I realised this weekend that it’s ten weeks on Friday that we’ll do the marrying thing.

(I know it’s not normal for the bride to do a speech, and usually talking in front of people is my idea of hell, but the people coming are all very lovely, there’s not that many, and I am not the sort of person to sit back and let everyone else do the talking…)

I cannot tell you how excited I am.

I also cannot tell you how much has to be done in those weekends.  Or actually in way fewer weekends because we are away for a couple, and there is a step sons birthday…and party.  And a weekend we thought we’d have family to stay and have a big barbecue so they can all meet before the wedding.  One where I’m visiting friends, one where we are looking after the neighbours two dogs who are as nuts as ours.  And the one I’m going alpaca walking with friends, obviously.  I think we have one weekend free between now and the marrying. Gulp.

So, I started writing my speech.  It just came to me – like I’d already written it.  It was short, sweet and probably entertaining enough not to bore people.

I was proud.

I may have been a bit smug.

Then I checked through the website we created so that people could RSVP online and realised I had already written it.  On the site there is a section called ‘Our Story’ and I’d done a briefer version for just that.

So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board.  Or maybe I’ll just assume that actually, probably very few people have ready it, and even if they have, after a few drinks they won’t remember anyway.

And now, I have to get going – finish crocheting a brides head before I start work for the day… :o)

PS:  These are chocolate mice.  I bought a huge bag for the wedding.  I have now almost finished the huge bag.  I’m hoping the lady altering my wedding dress can perform miracles to hide this small ooops…

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