Dog poo gate

Do you ever have those moments when you get so grumpy you almost step outside yourself and become someone else?

Last week I was walking Percy and noticed seven, yes SEVEN bags of dog poo in a pile at the nature reserve where we walk.

The back story here is that the council removed a dog poo bin from this spot a few weeks earlier as to empty it the bin men had to park on a really bust roundabout which wasn’t safe for them or other drivers.  It wasn’t a big deal as far as I was concerned as there are alternative poo bins very close, but based on the posts on the local village face book page and the local dog owners page, you would have thought the council had removed every single one of the dog owners human rights.

So when I saw the disgusting mess left by those who presumably felt they were getting one over on the council by being complete idiots, I became a bit of a keyboard warrior (which I’m not sure I’ve ever done before), and posted this to the dog owners page:

I expected a few people would tell me where to go.  I thought maybe more people would dump poo and I’d have more to clean up.  But no…

17 comments in support of what I said and 30 positive reactions.

And NO dumped poo!  I have walked past that spot twice a day for the last week and it seems that my rant plus a bit of fellow dog owner pressure did the trick.  Hooray!

Sometimes pretending to be someone else to achieve a specific goal is really effective.  But that’s probably a post for my hypnotherapy blog…


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