The mystery of the doors

I’ve always been really good at checking things.  Some people would call it OCD, but I never leave a door unlocked, a window open, or the car open for anyone to snaffle the rather eclectic 10 or so CDs that are around a decade old.

Since moving in with Himself I have relaxed a little on my checking.  It’s a shared responsibility after all, so it can only be half my fault if we’re burgled.  And frankly, I’m surprised we haven’t.

First we had the incident where it rained heavily in the night and our kitchen had an accidental wash down as one of us had left the door open.  Not just unlocked:  wide open.

Then, security conscious once more, we pondered the wisdom of leaving Norman’s window open through the night:

Norman’s window, modeled by Norman

To help us decide I tried to climb through it from the outside.  I can confirm that a head will just fit through at an interesting angle, but unless you’re of eel / worm build, there’s little hope of getting through any further.

Then we went out on Saturday morning and came back….to find the back door wide open again.

We went out on Sunday, I went to one shop, Himself went to another.  I got back to the car first to discover the drivers door was open.  Actually ajar.  A visible open bit.  Checking on those precious CDs I realised we’d not been broken into; Himself had forgotten to shut it (although he did try to argue it wasn’t that bad as he’d ‘definitely turned the key’.  Oh good, so locked but open.)

Yesterday morning, after Himself had left for the office I wandered downstairs to make a drink to find the back door swinging again.  This time we are both convinced that I locked it.

So there are only two possible explanations:  Either we have a ghost who is trying to escape through open doors, or Norman has a pair of well hidden opposable thumbs.  And one or the other also comes for car trips with us.  Because surely, the pair of us can’t both be this useless, can we?  I’m going back to the obsessive checking.  At least that way we can rule out those two explanations, even if it does mean we are useless. :o)

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