Random bits and makingness

I was going to tell you my observations on men on the early morning train and the toilet, but 1) I thought better of it 2) I have had the loooongest week and just want to log off and do something that doesn’t involve a computer and 3) I have to locate a sports bra before tomorrow morning and that could take all night.  I’ll tell you about that one next time…

So instead, here are some random photos and makingness updates:

Our office has gorgeous flowers in reception.  These are the ones that were there last week.  I thought they were beautiful:



Norman likes flowers too:


Now can you see him?


I made Little pea a teeny rabbit and a giant Minion egg cosy for Easter:


Seriously.  You could get an ostrich egg under that Minion.

My temperature blanket is up to date for March and finally has a few rows of green it in, meaning the temperature is warming up.  At least it was.  We’re back to blue now…:image

You might have seen Little Pea holding this in my last post.  I made it as part of his birthday present:


And I was asked to make a preemie baby hat in return for another donation.  I think it looks like a bowler hat.  I rather like it :)


Hooray for the weekend!  Have a good one :o)

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