An open letter to thermostat person

Dear person in charge of the UK thermostat,

Are you having a laugh?  It is the end of April and it might as well be February.  Us British already talk too much about the weather – I’m crocheting a temperature blanket, for goodness sake, how much more obsessed can you get? – so why encourage us?  Today I could track the snow….yes SNOW….around the southeast, thanks to the Facebook statuses written in surprise as snow hit.

This morning showed so much promise.  It was cold, but there was blue sky:



We can cope with that.   Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to finally get out of this thermal vest, and maybe even let part of my body below my chin see daylight, but knowing it’s on the way would be enough for the while.  But snow, sleet, hail, thunder and lightning?


Did the thermostat malfunction, or have you had a really bad day just decided to take it out on us?  Please sort it out, either way.  Get a fixer man round to fix it (I’d really not try it yourself, even with the help of Google.  I speak with the voice of experience there), or get a big bar of chocolate.  Nothing is so bad after a large Milkybar dunked in a cup of tea.  (Just don’t stand on the bathroom scales for…oooh as week or so afterwards.  Trust me.)

See that bit of green on my blanket?


That was when it was warm, when people smiled.  You have the power: please let me do a bit more green crochet – I’m running out of blue. (And you don’t need to stop there – I’m sure most of us are happy to move straight through green to yellow and orange.  Perhaps before December we could even get some red in too!)

Thank you very much,

A thermal vested Pog :o)

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