A little imagination

‘Imagine you have dyed your pubic hair pink and you’re really proud of it and want to show it off.’

After wrenching myself out of bed, dislocating my shoulders to get into my sports bra and dragging myself to the the meeting place for my beginners running course yesterday morning, that was one of the first instructions we were given (it was to engage our glutes.  The coach hadn’t completely lost it.) I laughed lots and I am pretty sure I will now always remember the angle my pelvis should be in that part of the warm up….

In yoga earlier in the week we were told to imagine we were stags with antlers and tails that we wanted to show off.  Somehow my body stretched in a way it doesn’t when the right muscle names are used. I’m not sure if it’s just because it is a different way of looking at things or if both cases just show that I am a big kid.

Last Sunday we went on a family bluebell (or Tinkerbells, as Little Pea calls them) walk. Right at the end I sat with Little Pea on a bench and we discussed the fact that dinosaurs (his very favourite things) lived in the valley I front of us. These dinosaurs came up the hill sometimes, right where we were sitting, to lay eggs.  And sometimes these eggs needed Little Peas to help them hatch.  Would you believe it? We looked under the bench, and there was a dinosaur egg, just waiting to have some help being hatched! (It is possible that the egg was bought at the zoo a couple of weeks ago, but it did promise to hatch a dinosaur).

I think whatever our age, having a bit of imagination sometimes can make things far more fun….and more likely to stick in our minds.  And now, should you see a very beginner runner warming up and looking a little odd in the pelvic area, you’ll know why :o)


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3 Responses to A little imagination

  1. “dislocating my shoulders to get into my sports bra” – bwahahaha – I totally relate!

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