How did you get here?

I don’t mean the big scary question ‘where are you in life?  I don’t even mean ‘how did you get to be sitting where you are right now?’.  I mean ‘how did you get to be reading this post on this blog?’  (Not that you’re not welcome.  I love you being here, obviously.)

Some people get here through searching the interweb, you see, and through the magic of my blog I can see some of the search terms they use.  And it confuses the hell out of me.  Some people are obviously looking for these sort of Pogs:

29-04-2016 16-51-58

And I realised recently I didn’t really know much about them so I did a bit of searching on Pogs myself.  And I found something far better: another Pog, and his friend Pib.  I have no idea how I’ve not known about this Aardman Animation until now, but if you have six minutes to spare and want a giggle, take a look.  It’s not quite what you think it is, and you need  to watch to the end for the full effect.

pib and pog

I’d like to point out that Pog and this Pog don’t share any traits…

It still doesn’t clear up why some searchers have ended up here though.  I mean ‘perking exercise’?  Why did that bring anyone here?  ‘Sensible knickers’ Nine, NINE people have landed on this blog because they were looking for sensible knickers.  And three have looked up ‘Naked Pog’ only to be disappointed (or possibly relieved) to have found themselves here.  There are loads more – ‘biscuitmen’, ‘flump fairy’, ‘tubby toes’, ‘noseclip girl’…

One search term really made me smile:  ‘Recipe for cheerfulness’.  That’s what landed that person here. And I hope they were suitably cheered :o)

If you ever struggle to find the Pog Blog and are a Facebook person, I pogblogdo have a Pog Blog page where I post the links to my posts (and occasionally other bits and bobs that don’t make it to here).  I’d love you to like it if you haven’t.  It might help more people end up here because they want to, rather than because some search engine has had some sort of brain fart :o)




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5 Responses to How did you get here?

  1. notewords says:

    I don’t remember how I got here – I search hings I am interested in, and if you used one of them as a tag… Like it, though. ;-)

  2. notewords says:

    THINGS I am interested in. If there’s a way to edit a comment after it is posted, I don’t know it.

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