A smiley long weekend

Lots of things made me smile and in some cases laugh like a loon this weekend.  I can only assume it was hysteria brought on by having three days out of the office (I do love a Bank holiday) and two of the three days being the sort where the sun actually came out and I  took off my thermal vest (I know.  How daring can a girl get?!)

The highlights were:

Finding this, along with a rather understated note from Sister 1:


It’s not quite as bad as it looks – I have a habit of liberally spreading my kitchen surfaces with chia seeds when I make breakfast and if there is any moisture, they sprout in a matter of hours.  For some reason though, I found it utterly hilarious… (obviously the brillo pad is now in the bin).

The gorgeous blue sky as the back drop to the tree we run (jog.  ok, sometimes I just shuffle) past on my running class which I have named the deer tree:


It does look a bit like the neck and head of one, don’t you think?  If you imagine the branches as antlers.  I’d love to understand what happened to make that tree forget how to tree.

I finished another ten dragons:


Hopefully they will be making some little people needing dragons smile very soon.

And I had a sleep over with some friends I went to school with over 20 years ago.  Two of them I’ve only seen once in that time:


We laughed so much at the pub someone actually commented that he’d never heard such a happy bunch of people before.  The point at which we actually ended up crying with laughter was when we were discussing why one of the group actually understood cricket, while another (who will remain nameless….for now) piped up that she had a fantasy that revolved around the game.  We listened:

‘So, I’m wearing a flowery, floaty dress and I carry out a plate of cucumber sandwiches…’

‘And then?’

‘No, that’s it.’

‘The cucumber?’

‘Oh, all sliced and in the sandwiches’

‘Um, you do know most people’s fantasies involve more sex than sandwiches, don’t you…?’

There is no excuse really.

And the final big smile of my long weekend was discovering these in the supermarket:


If you didn’t grow up in the 80’s (and, I assume you would have needed to be in the UK too), you probably wont appreciate these – essentially, they are a delicious bit of 80s childhood.  I’ve only just realised looking at the picture that they are ‘Limited Edition’.  As I had conversations with two strangers over the excitement of finding them in the supermarket and all of us bought a couple of packets, I think I might have to stock up before they are all gone :o)

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2 Responses to A smiley long weekend

  1. Shoutydrunk says:

    Trio! Tri-I-i-o! The chocolately biscuit and a toffee taste too.

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