Spring is Sprung

Yesterday I was told that if I had a brain I’d be dangerous.  I thought that was a little harsh coming from a lady working in a shop who I’d only met once before.  However, I did rather prove her point when I left the shop and she had to chase me down the road to hand me my shopping…

A couple of hours before that I’d actually got on my bike and done a decent ride.  It would had been better had I realised that as it was 17 degrees outside, I probably didn’t need thermal trousers, two thermal tops and full gloves.  But they do say sweating is good for you.  I think…

I made up for my stupidity today though (I know, two bike rides in two days – have you fallen off your chair?).  Today I wore my shorts.  I think it is a safe assumption that all those in Bumpkinsville who saw me probably wished that I’d stuck with the thermals.  I think I may have temporarily blinded a few sheep as the sun glinted off the pure white of them, but hopefully they will forgive me in time. 

It was a lovely ‘spring is sprung’ weekend.  These are the photos I took while out on the bike today.  I love Bumpkinsville in spring :o)

This was tonight - I didn't do an all day bike ride!

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