Meals on wheels….almost

I know I often bimble on about Bumpkinsville countryside and wildlife, but Mum and Dad’s Bumpkinsville is a whole different level to what I have been used to.  The other morning two deer ran out infront of my car , closely followed by….a duck. But even by their standards, things got surreal last week.

On Thursday morning Dad thought he could hear a tapping sound from the front of his car. A close inspection relevealed….a pheasant stuck behind the grill.

Mum and Dad took the car to the garage and Mrs Pheasant, despite being sat against the radiator since at least the Monday – as Dad managed to work out, wasn’t cooked….in fact she seemed pretty much ok:

She was taken to a nearby bird loving lady who planned on getting her over her trauma and releasing her back to the wild.  Slightly strangely, Mum and Dad can’t work out how she got in there.  We assume she wouldn’t have climbed in voluntarily, and neither of them remember hitting a bird (and surely you would, wouldn’t you?) It will have to remain a Bumpkinsville mystery….:o)

And here are a couple of other spring Bumpkinsville pictures:

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