Pog Berry returns

OK, it’s getting slightly out of hand now.  I’ve moved on from toast in a big way and made another two meals.  One involved cheese sauce.  And I mean real cheese sauce that involves flour and whisking and things – not the one that you buy in a pot from Tesco.

My mate Mary (Berry) told me (via the medium of a recipe in one of her books), the trick is to use warmed – not cold milk – and that woman is obviously a genius.  MummyW watched from the sidelines in a slightly twitchy way, all ready to have to sieve what we anticipated would be a very lumpy incarnation of something cheesy.  But the sieve was not needed.  Oh no.  I created what MummyW declared to be a ‘perfect’ cheese sauce.  I now feel I understand the terror of those MasterChef contestants when their food is sampled.  I swear MummyW eeeked out the gap between tasting and verdict, imagining she was related to John Torode.

Even better, I managed to remove MummyW from the kitchen before I had the slight incident that involved having to wipe down the windows, window sills, wall and floor :)

So, I give you:  Moussaka:

Orange Drizzle cake:

And quiche Lorraine:

And yes, I did make the pastry from scratch.  But I admit that I also had a bit of help with the the complex job of sprinkling the cheese :)

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