A January Smile – I Love You

The second week in January is not particularly noteworthy.  If anything it seems to be dragging more than last week (I actually thought it was Friday night when I went to bed last night.  Yes, that was Monday night). 

I had a lovely smile though when this was pushed through my letterbox:

The sender is one of the most loveable little people I know.  What is more, when I went to his house to thank him, his mummy told me that not only the card, but the words were completely unprompted.  And it is the first time he has written ‘I love you’.  I have warned his mummy to keep an eye on him.  Sadly for me he is only 4 (nearly 5!) but I have a feeling he will be reeling in the ladies from here on in!

I remember my first love letter.  It was from Simon Henderson and we were 5.  He said ‘I love you’ too and that we’d get married when we were grown up.   I can still remember the Snoopy paper he used and the jealousy of the other girls in the class (because Simon was rather a catch.  Mainly because he was one of only 3 boys to 20 or so girls and the only one who didn’t play with boring old Action Man all the time…). He left our school the next year and we lost touch though so it turned out to be a slightly empty proposal. 

I wonder if everyone remembers their first love letter.  And I wonder if in thirty years or so, Loveable Little Person will remember writing to me :o)

PS:  I would like to take this opportunity to assure Lovely Little Man that Loveable Little Person does not take his place.  The good thing about little people is that there is room for a lot of them :o)

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2 Responses to A January Smile – I Love You

  1. Reg Oakley says:

    I can remember my first passionate kiss with a girl at my Junior School in Hull. I keep an eye on Friends reunited to see if she joins and I would like to remind her of the playground scandal.

    What’s the betting she wont remember it, or at least say that.

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