What is your heart’s desire?

Because I have to run in whole kilometers (because I am a bit odd like that), on my seafront runs I have particular places I turn depending on how far I am going.  There is one turning point where I always want to stop and look,  but for any number of reasons it never gets more than a passing glance.  Today was a treacle run (like running through treacle and no fun at all) so I used the excuse that I could take photos to share the spot here with you as an excuse for a breather :o)

So here you are:

People have been adding their desires for a few months.  I love the addition of a gentle voice to the very angry one here:

The photo below is the response to the one above:


I love the fact I live somewhere that this has resulted in two messages of support…in less than a week:

I wonder how old Alexandra is.  I initially thought about 4.  I don’t see why he couldn’t be 44 though:

I guess politics gets into everything:

Slightly less expected though:

I started wondering what my heart’s greatest desire was.  At that very moment I decided it was a cool glass of water and a better pair of legs.

4.5km later though, it was for a little bit more kindness.  Down what I call graffiti alley, I managed to trip on a loop of plastic packaging at the side of the road and fell over.  There was blood.  Not a huge amount, but I did have those 30 seconds or so you have when you fall over as an adult and don’t move in case something is properly broken.  And in those thirty seconds TWO people walked around me :o(  But then a lovely man stopped his car to see if I was ok.  He even offered to show me the footage on his dashcam as he said that I’d looked pretty impressive.

(I was fine – I just cut my elbow and arm a little and got a few grazes – and I ran the final 2.4km home….and then ran round the outside of the house to make up the extra 0.1km :o)  )

So my heart’s desire today is for people – for you –  to be more Dashcam Man, please.  Not just helping up idiots who fall over running, but saying good morning to someone looking a bit lost, or smiling at someone just because you can.   I promise you’ll be amazed how many faces light up in front of you. :o)


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