Not my average bank holiday

This weekend was lovely and sunny.  I don’t think I’ve ever said that after a UK bank holiday before; I’m not sure anyone has…

Himself and I made the most of it.  We went to the pub for good food and we went to visit another city.  The pub punctuated almost a marathon on our bikes (25 miles.  If I had still been able to sit on my saddle I’d have rounded it up to a full marathon) and the other city was so we could get up at 5.30am on Bank Holiday Monday to run a half marathon (me – woo hoo!) and full marathon (him – his 10th!).  The run was a very, very relaxed ‘cakeathon’ and now I mostly want to run this way (although it was a VERY hilly trail run, so a lot harder than what I usually do).  The people there share the view that it’s about completing, not competition, so there is much walking, chatting and eating of cake / fudge / jelly babies between laps.

Bike sun:

Running sun:

Never the less, last night we were broken.  Luckily, we’d done a trip to my parents on the way home for a shower and cuddles with little people, which I think helped delay some of the pain.  Although I am a little concerned about how much Little Wisp made eyes at Himself…

Little Pea just made scary eyes at me:

When we finally did get home though, we opened our running goody bags.  When Himself did the London marathon the ‘goodies’ were things like coconut water, chocolate orange milk that wasn’t chocolate, orange or milk (go figure) and protein balls.  The contents of our goody bags yesterday?



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