Still Pogging it.

I don’t think I’ll ever learn.  I’ve been internally congratulating myself recently that I’ve been being a bit of a grown up.  I’ve done this before and been repaid with something slightly odd happening so I should have known.

I had a teleconference. A 1.5 hour teleconference.  I don’t do many meetings these days as if I can’t add value, I decline and get on with actual work.  Those I do attend are rarely big deals.  Today was quite a big deal.  I wanted to impress one of the senior people on the call with some work I’d done and I had around 10 minutes to present it.  I’m working in the conservatory this week as we are having some things done to the room I usually work in and just as my agenda slot was reached and I turned on my microphone, the heavens opened completely and utterly and the noise on glass was horrendous.  I unplugged my laptop and ran with it to the hallway – which has a skylight that rain was rebounding off with the same deafening noise.  It was the same in the bathroom and the bedroom.  The only room without a window affected by this apparently multi directional rain is the utility room.  I’d had the tumble dryer on earlier and it was hot in there….really hot (no windows, see?).

And that is why I ended up presenting something to around 20 people, one of whom I wanted to be impressed while I ran around the house, then stood in a boiling, dark room (no, no idea why I didn’t turn the light on), sweating and struggling to see properly to provide a demonstration.

So it seems I’m still definitely Pogging it, rather than being that grown up.  Just thought I’d let you know.  :o)

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