Our Towers progression

I’m rather loving transforming bits of Our Towers.  Yesterday, it was the turn of a waterfall that I started off hating.

Then we discovered it still worked.  Then we discovered that actually the only water feature at the local pond place that we kind of liked was….an almost identical waterfall, just surrounded with less broken concrete and crap.

So I thought I could remove the broken concrete and crap, do a spot of jet washing and see where we got to.  So Himself took The Boys out to play football and I promised not to use the jet wash to clean my fingers this time and….ta dah!:

At then this happened:

Signalling the end of a lovely bank holiday weekend which included sun, rain, thunder, lightening, The Boys, the parent’s of Himself staying, and Little Wisp’s first birthday party, sea, barbecues, carrot cake and the odd glass of cider.  All rounded off with a waterfall face lift :o)


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