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Note to self: Engage brain

I’ve never been great at remembering to engage my brain before speaking.  Or at all, really.  I think these conversations over the last day or so sum that up quite well: Himself:  Isn’t that plant the weed we pulled out … Continue reading

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Our Towers progression

I’m rather loving transforming bits of Our Towers.  Yesterday, it was the turn of a waterfall that I started off hating. Then we discovered it still worked.  Then we discovered that actually the only water feature at the local pond … Continue reading

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A ‘relaxing weekend’ Our Towers style

‘Let’s have a relaxing weekend’ we said. ‘We’ll have no small people here, no university, no half marathons….let’s just relax.’  That’s what we said, proving that what we say has no bearing on what we do. What we did was: … Continue reading

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Demolition at Our Towers

Yesterday, we decided it would be nice to have a relaxing Sunday, so we got out out a hammer and a crow bar and I can confirm with authority that you can get from one very rotten shed: To a … Continue reading

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Could we rule the world in tracksuit bottoms?

Something ever so slightly odd just happened.  I need to tell you about yesterday to give it context. Yesterday Mum, Dad and I met at the local DIY store to get the things we needed to lay a patio at … Continue reading

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Fixer Pog

I can sew.  I can cook (only cookies and banana loaf, but that still counts, right?).  I can’t, however, do DIY.  I try.  And 90% of the time Dad or a fixer-man has to spend twice as long fixing my … Continue reading

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