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To Google or not to Google?

A friend recently posted this on Facebook, and I nodded with enthusiasm: It’s so true.  Today I have Googled everything from the email address for my old dentist (so I could request some of the £780 it’s cost me in … Continue reading

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(Not a very good) Plumber Pog

Last Monday I got back from my holiday.  Despite 30 hours of travelling and sleep snatched in 15minute bursts, totalling about 3 hours, I was wide awake when I arrived home.  I didn’t consider sleeping until 2.30am when I got … Continue reading

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Fixer Pog

I can sew.  I can cook (only cookies and banana loaf, but that still counts, right?).  I can’t, however, do DIY.  I try.  And 90% of the time Dad or a fixer-man has to spend twice as long fixing my … Continue reading

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