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Braving Beachville yoga

I’m not very good at meeting new people.  I’d rather Norman gouged my eyes out than have to walk into a room of people that I don’t know on my own.  If I don’t stutter when I try talking, I say … Continue reading

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No Heimlich maneuver needed

People who know me tend to agree that I am really, really good at one thing:  Panicking. I’ve not managed to prove the point very often, but there is a small occasional exception:  When something actually worth panicking about happens. … Continue reading

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One of THOSE days

You know those days when you don’t know whether to laugh or cry?  When sitting rocking in a corner with your fingers in your ears seems like a sensible option?  Today was one of those days.  (For the record, I … Continue reading

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Blue skies and furniture

This weekend was mostly about blue skies and furniture. On Saturday I spent eight hours transforming this: Into this: It’s not perfect, but I rather like it :o) And today, with the really blue skies here for once (I took … Continue reading

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Packing imaginary clothes

Something weird has happened.  I know, it’s unusual for me… On holiday at the end of most days we had a half hour session of Yoga Nidra.  This isn’t about moving and stretching it’s….well, some see it as an opportunity … Continue reading

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A slightly more accurate portrayal of my holiday

So yesterday I told you about my holiday.  Lots of people were kind enough to read my ramblings and quite a few were very lovely and chose to follow my blog as a result.  I had some comments on Facebook too…and then … Continue reading

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A bit of overthinking

You know how sometimes we all overthink things?  I think I hit a new high (low?) this week at yoga. We had a different teacher to our usual one and this lady did a thingy at the end where she … Continue reading

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