All in a bit of a muddle

A few weeks ago in yoga I finally thought to ask, when rolling on your back with my knees tucked in, if everyone have issues with their ‘edges’.  I get to a certain point and it gets a bit ouchy and feels like I’ll tip over.  The teacher explained that I had a huge, very heavy pelvis and rolling around on it could create the tipping feeling.  Realising how her explanation had come out she assured me that it wasn’t just me with a huge pelvis – just that it is a huge bone and everyone has similar issues.  Hmmm.

Nobody nodded or murmured in agreement though, so I whispered to the girl next to me to ask if she had issues with her edges.  Something was lost in translation and she looked a bit surprised:  ‘Do I have urges?!’  That was it.  We both promptly got the giggles.

It’s not just spoken words that get me in a pickle though.  My boss at work had asked me to put together quite a big project and I spent a lot of last week working on it.  I was quite proud of the result – I had prepared a really comprehensive report giving my recommendations and the positives and negatives for each item.  I had a meeting to talk him though it.  I was sounding professional.  I was looking professional.  He might start to see me in some sort of professional light – nothing had gone wrong.  Nothing until we got right to the last page.

‘Um…what is this referring to?’ he asked as he pointed at the positive for a particular suggestion.

I can only assume I’d got into yoga retreat mode as I wrote it.  It read:

‘+ve:  Would demonstrate transparency across the bunnies and between leaders and employees.’

I have no idea where these bunnies came from, but I am betting with their running and hopping they don’t have huge, very heavy pelvises. :o)

Norman in a wool muddle

Norman in a wool muddle

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  1. Assume ‘bunnies’ equals ‘business’? Simples! He just has no translation skills. 🐇🐇🐇

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