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Saturday smiles

Smile 1:  Walking up to find rainbows in your house: Smile 2:  Being shown a local park with lots of outdoor gym equipment – basically a grown ups playgroups – and spending an hour playing.  (Note:  Don’t take a photo … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Bumpkinsville.

Today is final packing day.  Tomorrow morning I leave the Bumpkinsville area for the next volume in my life (‘chapter’ didn’t seem long enough.  I’m hoping for more than just one chapter). I’m going to miss quite a bit.  Obviously … Continue reading

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The Lycra look

You know how when you do exercise you tend to look… pretty terrible, really? It’s not just me, is it? Well, people at least look different in lycra to their usual clothes (cue me doing the obvious in Tesco the other … Continue reading

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A recipe for a pretty perfect Sunday

Take two friends: One dog: Ignore the weather: And wander for a few hours, appreciating the countryside and chatting like you have never chatted before: Then go to the pub, eat twice as many calories than you have used on … Continue reading

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Bumpkinsville in pictures

It’s that time of year where people are posting pictures of their holidays. I love seeing far away places, but actually, it’s the ones closer to home that I love the most…possibly because those places seem more attainable. As I … Continue reading

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Lots of nature in trainers (but not much actual running)

Yesterday as I joined others in my running group for their annual lavender run (running alongside the local lavender fields) one of the lovely ladies commented (with some surprise, I think) that I had actually made it back from my … Continue reading

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A fraudulent runner

Today two friends congratulated me on my running (apparently they had only just seen a Facebook status about my first timed 5k run the weekend before last) and I felt like a bit of a fraud.  You see, I don’t … Continue reading

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