Saturday smiles

Smile 1:  Walking up to find rainbows in your house:

Smile 2:  Being shown a local park with lots of outdoor gym equipment – basically a grown ups playgroups – and spending an hour playing.  (Note:  Don’t take a photo while using a thingy like this one.  You end up falling off and bruising both your pride and your shin)

Smile 3:  Getting back to your car just as a huge, unexpected hail storm hits (Note:  Don’t count your chickens as that five minute drive home may turn into 22 minutes when you get really lost…)

Smile 4:  Finally getting to see the seat that Himself told you about months ago:

Smile 5:  Reading this and thinking what an amazing person he must have been for his friends to do something so incredibly thoughtful in his memory:

Smile 6:  Enjoying the view from the seat:

Smile 7: Even though it was so windy you end up with matching hair:

Smile 8:  Going out in the dark, being taken to a secret location to see ‘For the birds’ which was absolutely amazing (and photos don’t do it justice):

Neither do videos, but here are two I tried.  This one is bird houses lighting up to the sound of birds on the side of the Downs, with houses and the sea in the background:

And this was a lady recreating the fact that in the 1920s a lady had played the cello on the radio in her garden, with nightingales singing in the background.  In this modern day version the birds were on a record, with the aim of highlighting their declining numbers:


We certainly fit a bit in at the weekends at the moment.  And lots of smiles too :o)

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