Auntie, Auntie Pog

It’s not a typo.  After another Beachville visit from Little Pea which included us experiencing temperature very differently:

Doing some Auntie Pog / Little Pea swinging:

Getting a little closer to Norman:

And generally getting worn out:

I took Little Pea home, got on the train and went up to London, to meet….my GORGEOUS new niece.  I am an Auntie again.  An Auntie, Auntie Pog.  We will call her Little Wisp:

Little Wisp likes having her head stroked:

And likes looking at her Mummy:

She is absolutely beautiful and I’m so proud to be her Auntie.  I think she is already pretty perfect, but she has a poorly tummy and will have an operation soon.  Right now, she seems to be giving the doctors and her Mum and Dad a bit of a hard time and has decided to try out the ventilator machine.  Weirdly, Little Pea’s Dad is also poorly in the same hospital.  The poorly ones and my amazing, strong Sisters could do with all the positive thoughts and energy available out there at the moment, so if you have any spare, please could you send them over? :o)

To Sister 1 and Sister 2:  You know I’ve always thought you were the best thing since sliced bread, but I underestimated you both.  You’re both SO much stronger than bread (even stronger than a French stick when it starts going stale and your can’t break it up at all, at all, at all), and as proud as I am to be an Auntie to your gorgeous children, I am as proud to have you both as Sisters. xxx

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