The Lycra look

You know how when you do exercise you tend to look… pretty terrible, really? It’s not just me, is it?

Well, people at least look different in lycra to their usual clothes (cue me doing the obvious in Tesco the other night when I spotted a lady from fitball who looked so stunning in her ‘real life’ clothes that I informed her – and everyone in the vicinity – that she looked completely different with clothes on.)

I thought I looked pretty different too.  I have a shower and flatten my hair before I run with my Saturday group, but I don’t put on make up and I kind of assumed that I had an exercise look (terrible) and a ‘real life’ look (passable).  But a few weeks ago I was bought down to earth with a bump.  Half way though our run I suddenly realised that one of the other ladies is someone I used to get the coach to work with – we’d chatted quite a few times as we waited.  ‘I’m so sorry I didn’t recognise you before’ I said ‘you look completely different in your running stuff’.  Her response?

‘Oh, I recognised you the first time I saw you here – you don’t look any different at all.’

Now, I’m hopeful that means I look great when I go running, but I do own a mirror and I suspect that wasn’t what she was saying at all…  I don’t care though.  I might not look great (at any point of any day!), but while out doing my Shrek style lollop this morning, I had to stop to take this picture.  At least something looked gorgeous :o)


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