Discoveries of the week

This week I discovered that:

  • You can eat a mint imperial, cough and bits of mint imperial will come out your nose.
  • You can have bits of mint imperial come out your nose, blow your nose and spent 30 minutes at your desk then wander through the office before you catch your reflection and realise that some (quite large) bits of mint escaped and are welded to your chin.
  • The remnants of a dunked biscuit in your cup of tea can look like a small creature died in your mug.
  • That screaming in the communal kitchen at work then explaining it was because you thought there was a dead mouse in your mug  earns you strange looks.
  • Sister 1 can find something I didn’t know I have in my cupboards.  Custard?  When would I ever have wanted custard?!:


I can’t even find things I know I have in places I am sure I put them.

  • This year you can buy mulled wine toilet roll.  Why you would want to is beyond me, I didn’t rip the pack (promise), but I can confirm it did smell kind of realistic…


Thank goodness it’s Friday :o)



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