A different sort of weekend

This weekend was my annual visit to stay with the Lovely Nut in her lovely house (pictures here if you’d like to take a look).  It wasn’t quite as relaxing as it usually is, right from the start.  The Lovely Nut got stuck in traffic, meaning when I got there she was still on her way.  Having suddenly got security conscious she had given me the code to a newly installed lock on her first gate, but forgot to tell me about the second gate, a mile down a track which was locked with a key.  That was in her car.


Anyway, we both finally got in the house, had dinner and went to bed.  And about 10 minutes after falling asleep I was woken my floodlights filling the room.  It took me a while to realise that it was the security lights that had come on, and a little bit longer to realise that in the middle of a field the fact they had come on suggested that there may be some people wandering around outside.  Then it dawned on me that I was the responsible adult in this situation and it was down to me to find out if we had intruders.  I peeked around the blind at the window, to find….a number of rabbits who clearly viewed the lights as their personal spotlights and were practically dancing for their audience….which happily was just me.  I went back to bed.  The lights went off.  The whole thing repeated over and over again….

the rabbits stage

the rabbits’ stage

The next day The Lovely Nut asked me to check something in the attic.  I managed to get the ladder down under instructions that I had to ‘slide and click things’ to extend the sections.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take much notice of what I was sliding and clicking and didn’t do what she felt was needed to put the thing back up safely.  After 20 minutes, I was just pleased that we’d got everything back where it should be, and pretty convinced that there was only one way to do it, so it must be ok.  Apparently a notice was required though:


The slightly odd thing about this is that nobody else lives there, so I’m not entirely sure who it is aimed at…

That told me.  And things kind of carried on like that.  It was a ….different weekend.

Norman decided to continue with the differentness when I got home after another night of spotlit dancing rabbits.  He decided his new favourite place to sit is my tomato box:


Well, I guess it would be very boring if all weekends were the same :o)

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