Guarding raindrops

It’s Friday.  It’s the end of the week.  It’s raining.  But the week is nearly over and the relaxation can almost start.  Until you realise that the dripping of that rain on the conservatory isn’t just outside.  It’s inside and there are 10 minutes before your next meeting starts.

A bowl was found, a phone call to the conservatory man was made, and Norman got a bit panicked:


But then he got brave and made sure all drips were falling where they should:


And I was able to take my meeting as though I wasn’t concerned the roof might cave in. (It’s still leaking but conservatory man assured me the roof wont fall in and will come and resolve the issue next week).

Norman got a bit bored of guarding the situation though.  This is one of the reasons I can’t use my webcam for meetings:


Happy weekend, leak free to you :o)

PS: Thanks to my inconsiderate neighbours who decided to set off fireworks a few feet from my house I had a bit of a scary time this evening when I thought Norman might be too scared to ever come back, having bolted at the first bang.  Please let your neighbors know if you are having fireworks (particularly if you practically live on top of them).  I’m not a kill joy, but I would have locked the cat flap and made sure Norman was as far from the noise as possible and saved us all a bit of panicking.  He’s back now.  He’s hiding under the bed, but I guess between drip and bangs, it’s been quite an eventful day for a small (ish) furball.


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2 Responses to Guarding raindrops

  1. Jacqueline Perrett says:

    We went to the fireworks this year at a school round the corner, they were brilliant. But I do feel for all children and pets who get really scared. I hope Norman’s suitably relaxed now.

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