Holiday daftness

Tonight as we walked to the local taverna, I said I’d buy and write some postcards after dinner.
‘Don’t buy any stamps’ dad said ‘I have three with me.’
Last year I bought postcards, added stamps and before I wrote them a cat had managed to pee in the bag I’d popped them in at my feet. In a paddy, I’d thrown the lot away. It turns out dad had retrieved them, taken them back to the UK, soaked off the stamps and brought them back out. Not only that, but he has super glue with him so I could stick them on to this years cards.
‘You bought superglue, just for the stamps?’
‘Don’t be silly. It is also very useful if someones flip flops break.’

Not to be outdone, mum was telling a local about the mountain hike she and I are doing tomorrow. We were told to take a stick as there are a few snakes around there. ‘Oh, we’ll be ok’ said mum ‘it’s a wide path.’ I don’t think even she understood what she meant…

And I admit, it’s me too. On our boat trip the other day I asked the crew member what he did in winter. He told me he was a fisherman. ‘In the winter?’ I checked.
‘Why? Do you not have fish in the sea in the UK in winter?’ he laughed. As did everyone else. I tried to convince him that the sea froze over near us when it got cold, but I don’t think he believed me.

And one final thing. It doesn’t get much below 27 degrees at night here. For the first time this year I am sleeping without a duvet, 2 blankets and 2 hot water bottles. Instead, I am sleeping with a sheet, a throw and a doubled up blanket. i don’t think that is a sign of daftness though, I think it is a sign of being a toad:o)

The picture below is a kitten I met. He is daft on all sorts of levels, but very, very cute :o)

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