The daftness gene

You know how sometimes, just occasionally, I come across as a bit daft?  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is, in fact, a daftness gene.  And it definitely runs in my family.  I even have photographic evidence:

Here we have the wooden ducks in my parents bathroom that ‘asked’ my Dad for something to read, but then decided that glasses were needed.  My dad complied entirely:


Then we have the mirror which writes messages to my parents…:


And the cress eggs that I can only assume Dad decided needed faces after a few too many glasses of wine:


The gene has affected my sisters too.  Last Friday, as a treat, we went for a curry.  At the end of the meal, Sister Two calmly glossed her lips, then both eyebrows, before face planting the aniseed sugar sweets that are brought to you with your coffee:



For anyone concerned that the sweets might have been recycled for other customers, don’t panic.  Sister One and I collected them all as we left and deposited them in Sister Two’s handbag.

So you see, it’s definitely not just me :o)



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2 Responses to The daftness gene

  1. Definitely genetic :)

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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