Bank holiday bees and fairs

What did you do over the long weekend?

I rescued lots of bumblebees that decided my conservatory was a good place for a doze.  This one I had to revive with sugared water:


And on Monday, while it poured with rain I set up a gazebo in the middle of a field (with the help of my parents):


And prayed that people would come to the village fair I had a stall at despite the typical English bank holiday.  To my amazement, they did:



Ok, it wasn’t heaving, but I made £185 for the families Jackie and I are helping in the Philippines.  Hooray!

If you’d like to add a few more pennies, the link is here.  Literally every penny will help.  You can read about the fundraising detail and how we’re staying accountable here.  To all the lovelies who have already bought cards, owls or given me money, thank you.  You’re on my Christmas card list :) x

And just to finish off, Little Pea came to help.  He tried to empty my wallet:


And then tried to use all other contents of my bag as a phone:


I love that face!  :)

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5 Responses to Bank holiday bees and fairs

  1. tajack says:

    I love that you had such a cute little helper! Yay for Little Pea!

    • thepogblog says:

      Little Pea was great (when he wasn’t trying to enter himself in the dog show!) It turns out his mummy is great at selling and displaying stuff so I should add a bug thank you to Sister 1 as well as my parents as they all helped out :)

  2. Jacqui Fleming says:

    He’s saying Auntie Helen, please can you get an iPhone that I can play with?

    • thepogblog says:

      So true! He didn’t like my blackberry…or my mobile. That picture is actually of him with…ahem…my cigarette case. I am a bad auntie Pog, but I did take them away once he’d finished ‘hello-ing’ them, and before he opened the case! :/

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