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New desk, new colleagues, complete lack of patience

Last week I moved desks at work.  Again.  This time it was only two floors, but it was the biggest sh*t show yet.  I’d packed a crate the previous week and been promised that my new desk may have no natural … Continue reading

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An open letter to the woman incapable of dressing appropriately on a train

I’m turning into a grumpy old lady, but I need to rant again.  There are often people on the train who get on wrapped up ready for the Arctic, don’t think to take off their coat and instead open all … Continue reading

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An open letter to Sniffy Woman

This post may be a little unkind.  But being British, the most I actually do each morning is tut under my breath in a disapproving way while desperately hoping that the lady concerned doesn’t actually hear.  And I need to get this out of … Continue reading

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A Lack of Labradors

This has been quite an animal orientated weekend covering both Arghs and Ahhs (Thank you Teacher Ems for defining the difference between the very similar noises).  The Arghs The boys and I had to visit the vets for worming (them) … Continue reading

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