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the drugs had better work….

This evening I took Norman to the vet.  Nothing is wrong – I was just very worried that as he cries and hyperventilates for an entire 10 minute car journey, an hour plus to the new house next week might … Continue reading

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In which karma visits and Norman gets high

Last Sunday Norman brought a live magpie into the conservatory and set it free… That caused a few fun and games, but I think it may also have resulted in a bit of karma for Norman. On Friday evening, not … Continue reading

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Animals, the big, the little and the electronic

We went to the vets today, me and Norman.  Just to be clear, unlike the time I had a bike crash and got the vet to check me over, this time Norman was the only patient.  It was just for … Continue reading

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A slightly broken Pog

Today did not turn out quite as I planned.  Actually, today didn’t turn out anywhere close to what I’d planned.  I got up early, did a few hours work and when it was light enough I went out on the bike. … Continue reading

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A Lack of Labradors

This has been quite an animal orientated weekend covering both Arghs and Ahhs (Thank you Teacher Ems for defining the difference between the very similar noises).  The Arghs The boys and I had to visit the vets for worming (them) … Continue reading

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