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An open letter to the woman incapable of dressing appropriately on a train

I’m turning into a grumpy old lady, but I need to rant again.  There are often people on the train who get on wrapped up ready for the Arctic, don’t think to take off their coat and instead open all … Continue reading

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An open letter to Sniffy Woman

This post may be a little unkind.  But being British, the most I actually do each morning is tut under my breath in a disapproving way while desperately hoping that the lady concerned doesn’t actually hear.  And I need to get this out of … Continue reading

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The rules of commuting

I always said I’d never get a job where I had to commute. For the last 16 years I’ve been commuting up to two hours each way, so clearly that didn’t go quite to plan. With that many years under … Continue reading

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Mobile Man

Anyone who commutes knows people don’t make eye contact on trains, let alone talk (unless it’s snowing at which point all rules are broken).  Not so tonight – I have just had a very entertaining train ride home.  It feels … Continue reading

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The joys of commuting

This morning I had to de-ice the car and the thermometer had only just gone up to 0.5 degrees when I got to the station.  I got in the train, curled up on my seat as best I could and … Continue reading

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