The joys of commuting

This morning I had to de-ice the car and the thermometer had only just gone up to 0.5 degrees when I got to the station.  I got in the train, curled up on my seat as best I could and felt grumpy that the train driver had clearly decided that it wasn’t cold enough to warrant heating.  The some bloke decided to open the window.  Genius.

I put a (shorter) version of this on face book when I arrived at work (a tedious status I realise, but I wanted to share my humphiness).  Sister 2 pointed out that I should ‘just tell the bloody idiot to close it coz ur freezing ur little backside off!’  My response was not to think how right she was…it was to tell her that ‘you can tell you don’t commute…you never EVER talk to people on the train’.

Because as stupid as it is, that is how it is.  Unless it is someone you’ve been standing at the station with for over 6 months and have gone through at least one major train delay alongside.  It’s such an established rule I’m surprised it’s not written at all station entrances for the benefit of less seasoned travelers…

Anyway, that was this morning.  This evening there was a bit of a pile up at the train doors where I was waiting.  When the doors opened a man started to get off who clearly didn’t feel he had enough room and rammed himself into my shoulder muttering some not very nice things.  I must have Sister 2’s suggestion to speak up to heart; because I suddenly heard myself call loudly after him (in a very Joanna Lumley type voice):

‘Now, I don’t think that was entirely necessary, do you?  Oh, and a Happy Christmas to you too.’

I can thoroughly recommend this approach.  Everyone laughed at him and I didn’t end up having another humphy journey, mulling over his rudeness.

To be honest though, I’m not sure I’ll be able to tell morning man to close the window should he pull that stunt again tomorrow.  It’s my last train ride of the year though….that thought should keep me warm.  HOORAY!  :o)

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