A fantabulous idea?

You know those ideas that seem absolutely fantabulous but soon after – usually at the point where you can’t really get out of them – you wonder what the hell you were thinking? 

Well, I’ve had one of those recently.  I pitched it.  It’s been considered.  And it’s been accepted.  And now I think I may have been a bit of a doofus.

I went to one of my ‘local business networking events’ and met a lady who runs a ‘personal introduction agency’.  The idea intrigued me so I bombarded her with questions and she promptly offered me a huge discount if I joined up.  I didn’t.

The next morning I received an e-mail from her (we’d swapped cards as part of the networking event) offering me half price membership.  I thought about it for about 10 minutes, came up with a plan and e-mailed back with a proposal.

If she agreed I decided it was meant to be. 

I said that, if she would do me an even better deal (I know, cheeky, but if you don’t ask you don’t get), I’d blog each of my experiences as a member of the agency for her website.  I figured that I’d be blogging an uncensored version for the pog blog anyway so I could just tidy it up for her.  I never thought she’d agree. Not really.

And now I’ve been offered membership at a fifth of the full price in return for my testimonials.  So now I kind of have to.  She does seem rather laid back about the whole approach so maybe she’ll leave it so long she forgets.  Or she’ll have second thoughts.  Or something…  Watch this space to find out I guess!

Ahh, what’s the worse that can happen? (Please don’t answer that.  As it is me, I am fully aware that it could go horribly wrong).  At least you lot will get a giggle.  The things I do for this blog…. :o)

this was another idea I had this weekend...I should have stuck with the 'making' ideas...

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