Do you ‘get’ cats?

Earlier this week someone told me that ‘they don’t get cats’.  Saying this to someone who has a borderline unhealthy obsession with their felines is akin to telling a new mum that their child is ‘not very interesting’ and is probably only advisable if you are trying to ensure removal from the cat owners Christmas card list…

I, however, took it in my stride and after a few days of wondering if I should never talk about the furballs here again (paranoid?  moi?), I decided instead to dedicate a whole blog post to them.  Just because I can.  And because they have been particularly.,…human….this week :o)

Charlie has perfected the art of escaping from the front door as I leave for work, hiding in the flowerbed and launching himself at my ankles as I walk past.  Brilliant 5.30am alarm.  Should you ever see me with a grazed nose it’ll be because I’ve fallen over him.

Norman has got the meet and greet down to a tee.  When I get home from work he rushes to the car as I park and walks me to the front door, just in case there is any danger I may forget which is out house.

Then we have the playing-up side.  They know when I am leaving for longer than a day.  The morning I left for work with my hold all as I was staying in London because of the Christmas party there were weird noses in my bedroom.  I went in to find Norman in the corner with a new box of tissues….

Which he’d extracted and ripped up.  It could have been his attempt at Christmas decorations (snow?) or economising (who needs an entire tissue?), but I think he was probably just trying to delay my departure.

And when I got home and unpacked he made damn sure I wasn’t about to go away to soon,  Not without him anyway…

Charlie meanwhile, demonstrated his displeasure at my stay away by ‘losing’ his entire collar.

Really though, it’s nice to be missed.  Even if it is ‘just’ by cats.  And if you still don’t get them, I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree :o)

Oh, and here’s a Christmas cat funny from Simon’s Cat.  Love it :o)

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