A few observations

Just a few of this weeks observations:


The sign at the coffee place I walk past on the way to work.  I really should actually buy some coffee from there – it’s getting a bit awkward hiding to one side of the window to take these so the staff don’t see.  It made me giggle.


And the polar opposite to what the coffee sign implies, I saw this:  A homeless gentleman going through the rubbish from the food market on leather lane.  He kept some for himself, and the rest, he fed the pigeons with.  He picked up a few to talk to them.  We had a chat when he finished and he told me he was looking for one in particular who had hurt her leg.  No sooner had he told me than she arrived at his feet and he was so happy he became totally absorbed in her, hardly acknowledging a lovely lady who gave him some sausage rolls she’d just been to buy for him :o)

Then we have me, being my usual stupid self.  Basically I managed to send an invite out at work that was linked in some way to my email account.  I had 90 replies in the first few minutes and the potential for a few thousand more.  Luckily there was a lovely girl sitting next to me who taught me to create a rule to move them all straight to a folder as they arrived.  There was only one thing to call it:


And finally, I think I have an evening of running round with a pyrex mixing bowl and wooden spoon ahead.  Norman has spent the day in my bathroom like this:


I can only assume that there is a mouse down there, under the skirting board (he often brings them in alive and drops them – I’m pretty sure it’s just to watch the entertainment value of me running round the house with kitchen implements to catch it before he does…)

Anyway, at least it’s Friday…Happy weekend!  :o)

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3 Responses to A few observations

  1. notewords says:

    The joys of being a cat owner… Mine leaves the mice – or remnants – in the bath. Great for a morning adrenaline rush. Have a great weekend! ;-)

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