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Have a lovely….

You know how while you’re in the middle of talking, you can have a conversation with yourself in your head at the speed of light?  (It’s not just me, is it?)  Well, that happened to me this week, but it … Continue reading

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Animals of all shapes and sizes

This morning, while it was still dark, I opened the door from my bedroom to my conservatory and found a dead rat.  Armed with a lot of kitchen roll I inspected it a bit closer and realised it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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Announcing the next Pog Plan!

I’ve been working on a plan for the last month.  I didn’t say anything because I wasn’t completely sure it was really going to happen, but this week I started my injections, booked my flights and…(drum roll please)….on 5th August … Continue reading

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Office oops

I’ve never really understood people who say they are ‘one person in work and another outside’.  It sounds like a self inflicted mental health issue and an awful lot of work to me, so I try to be me wherever … Continue reading

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Being childish and immature. And laughing a lot.

I’m not sure if it is because it is getting towards the end of the year or whether there was something in the air on Wednesday, but everything got a bit silly.  (Note:  These may all be things where you … Continue reading

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Perplexing Perceptions

I’ve been feeling perplexed. Last week I was having a conversation with a colleague and she slipped in ‘you’re in your 40’s aren’t you?’ As it’s another few years before I even reach 40, let alone settle comfortably ‘in my … Continue reading

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cold + tired = daft

I’m cold and tired. The coldness has been overcome with a duvet, two blankets a quilted patchwork at night and a thermal vest, long sleeved top, two jumpers and a hoody in the day time (God help me when the … Continue reading

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Quotes from friends

In the last week or so I’ve heard some great quotes I thought it only fair to share… First, from the stunningly good looking intern at work (who obviously paid me to call him that…) ‘The one thing I’ve learned … Continue reading

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