Being childish and immature. And laughing a lot.

I’m not sure if it is because it is getting towards the end of the year or whether there was something in the air on Wednesday, but everything got a bit silly.  (Note:  These may all be things where you had to be there to appreciate them, but I wanted to do a post anyway, just so I could remind myself of them in the future.)

To set the scene properly, I work in a really committed team.  So much so that when I passed out at my desk (well, I got on the floor first so there was no dramatic crash or anything) nobody even noticed, so focussed were they all on their work.  That was absolutely fine by me – less fuss all round – but it does make the other things that happened seem more of an anomaly.

First I had to find someone in the office called Regina.  I ended up asking a PA if she knew where the person in question sat and we both ended up giggling when she pointed out that actually the name was said ‘Regeena’ and didn’t rhyme (as I had made it) with Vag…. Well, a ladies parts.

Back with my team and a regular noise kept punctuating the air.  It took a few moments for us to realise that it was a colleagues mobile rather than her farting with astounding regularity.  Cue more giggling.

Calm was restored until a teleconference later in the day when someone did my trick and mispronounced a name.  The name was ‘Bona’.  He was referred to as ‘Boner’.  One of the team turned a fantastic shade of pink, collapsed with the giggles and it became contagious.  The London contingent of that call had very little input to the meeting for a while as we all had to put ourselves on mute.

We had just recounted this for the rest of the team in yet another teleconference later in the day when someone asked me the name of a company.  I couldn’t remember the exact name but announced that it was ‘something to do with balls’ (It was ‘Bounceball’, I remembered too late).  Cue Pink > Giggling > Muting of phone once again.

We all calmed down and were back to our usual selves.  At least, I thought we were.  I got involved in a discussion with an American colleague on the call when I saw the hand of the lady opposite me slide across the table and put these in front of me:

the pair of balls

the pair of balls

Somehow, she’d found some balls in the room.  And that was it.  I tried to continue talking but it sounded like someone was strangling me, I was laughing so much…

I enjoy my job, but I love the people I work with.  We were very childish and daft, but it made for a different sort of a day.  I just worry if that is the start of the Christmas spirit, how much worse will it get over the next few weeks?!  :o)

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2 Responses to Being childish and immature. And laughing a lot.

  1. A fine recollection of what was a very naughty day in the office…! :) Thank goodness someone designed phones with mute buttons to hide any hysterical giggling that might erupt!

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