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For the love of balls

Percy loves balls. He loves snoofing out lost balls, befriending them and bringing them home to be one of the family.  He does that around three times a week.  Which is why we ended up with an over flowing box … Continue reading

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Being childish and immature. And laughing a lot.

I’m not sure if it is because it is getting towards the end of the year or whether there was something in the air on Wednesday, but everything got a bit silly.  (Note:  These may all be things where you … Continue reading

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Fore Balls

When I was at school I was bad at sport.  Really bad.  After three years of trying to teach me to hit the ball in tennis, the PE teachers gave up and let me sunbathe through the lessons instead (this … Continue reading

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Off with their balls!

Tomorrow is the day that my boys may start to hate me forever as it is the day their balls get lopped off.  Well, it has to be done…they are staying out late and I suspect that a female may … Continue reading

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