Off with their balls!

It is possible Charlie has an inkling that something is going on...

Tomorrow is the day that my boys may start to hate me forever as it is the day their balls get lopped off.  Well, it has to be done…they are staying out late and I suspect that a female may be involved which frankly, I am just not having.

I should perhaps point out here that (in case you didn’t know) ‘the boys’ are my kittens.  Unfortunately, I usually assume other people will instinctively know this.  And that is how awkward conversations come about.  Like the one at lovely neighbours little person’s christening.  It went a bit like this:

Her:  ‘So, I heard you saying you have two boys?’

Me:   ‘Erm, yes.’

Her:  ‘How old are they?’

Me:   ‘Um.  4 months.  Do you have any….?’

Her:  ‘They’re twins then?  Where are they?  I’ve not seen any here.’

Me:   (Without engaging brain) ‘Oh, they’re at home.  They’re really quite well house trained now.’

Her:  ‘Sorry?!’

Me:   (Right.  You need to explain this fast… Idiot)

...Norman just wants to get out...

So tomorrow the deed will be done.  And once again, it is A Very Good Thing that I don’t really have children as I’m not sure how I’d cope when they started showing an interest in the opposite sex (and I’m pretty sure that ball lopping is not available on the NHS…)

For now I am off to stop Norman from breaking through the locked cat flap (they have to stay in tonight so they don’t snack on the local wildlife.  This is not going down well).  I can see a lot of cat treats being got through this evening.  At least I’ll have happy cats…for now:o)

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4 Responses to Off with their balls!

  1. Simon R says:

    Still loving the Pog Blog. This really did make me smile. Validated my own sense of humour by calling across the desk to tell my colleague that I was reading a friend’s blog and that she was planning on lopping the balls off a couple of boys. He sighed and commented that fast women scared him. :) Fab.

  2. Ems says:

    So how did the big op go? Poor Norman and Charlie! But at least you won’t have any unwanted pregnancies on your hands in your street!

    • thepogblog says:

      They were not happy with me Ems, but forgot that by the evening and are now all lovely and cuddly with none of the naughtiness! If only all men…no, maybe not;o) x

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