Norman Cats and Crochet

I like to crochet a bit a lot, ok, almost obsessively.  Norman doesn’t seem so keen.  As soon as I get out the bits I need he tries distraction techniques.


If that doesn’t work, he lies on my pattern….


….or the ball of wool I’m trying to use.


If all else fails, he just lies on me while I crochet


I stared wondering if it was crochet envy.  So I found all of the practice squares I did when I started and thought I’d make them into his very own blanket.

I laid them out to work out what should go where and….Norman sat on them.


This was good though – it meant he would like the end product.  I spent the evening sewing them together, presented him with the finished blanket and…he got off the sofa and spent the rest of the night on the floor, staring at me.


Today we had a breakthrough though, I put the blanket on the floor in the conservatory while I worked, turned round and….ahhhh :o)


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2 Responses to Norman Cats and Crochet

  1. Paula says:

    He is sooooo handsome … with a face like that, he could get away with murder, and probably does. And, like every other cat I’ve ever known, he’s got a strong contrary streak. i have to play blanket games with mine, too – he’s fickle. He has a favorite blanket (that he stole from me). But if there’s a pile of fresh laundry, he’d MUCH rather put his fur all over that! And on the rare occasion I wash his blanket, you’d think I’d committed a capital crime. Ah the joys of cat ownership (them owning us, I mean).

    • thepogblog says:

      Norman thanks you very much for the compliment :o)
      And I say, I agree about the laundry – he disappeared from the newly loved blanket for a few hours earlier and I found him in my with all my clean washing. There is no pleasing our masters, is there?!

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