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It’s been a weird week.  It started normally, then on Tuesday I worked from home and was standing at the back door, minding my own business when everything looked a bit funny.

Then I was looking at this:


It’s the sky, through my conservatory roof.

To cut a really long story short, I repeated the performance on Wednesday at work and ended up having an ECG at the surgery that evening followed by a trip to the hospital yesterday.

I was a little stressed (it was the thought of them trying to find my brain that did it.  I was sure they would just find sawdust and strawberry jam) so I ignored my crochet and book and people watched instead.

I watched as a doctor walked in a set of double doors, walked a few steps and went back through the doors.  He did this three times in a couple of minutes.  The third time he had to be told by the receptionist how to open the door:  ‘You need to push it, Doctor.’  I decided if he was the doctor I got, I was going to leave straight away.

I didn’t get him.  I got Levi.  He had a surname but I missed it and all that came to mind when I tried to remember was ‘Strauss’ and I was pretty sure that was unlikely so we ended up on first name terms.  I spent the entire time he was examining me working out if he could actually be over 16.  In the end I asked and it turned out he wasn’t quite that young, but he was 9 years younger than me.  I felt old.

Later, Levi came back with his boss. I won’t forget his name as I thought it was rather unfortunate.  He was Dr Graves.  Dr Graves had the sense of humour that Levi was missing (I guess you’d need one working in the medical profession with a name like that).  This was a good thing.  He stared by asking what had happened and then if anyone had been with me. This is how the conversation continued:’

Me: Yes

Him: Who?

Me: Norman. (Hurriedly followed by) He’s my cat.  (I’ve been caught out on that one before).  He didn’t have much to say about it.

Him: Really?  My cat would – he doesn’t ever shut up.  What sort of cat is yours?

Me: Black moggie.  Yours?

Him: Siamese.

Me:  Well there you go then.  You don’t get one of those if you want a quiet life.

Him:  Too true.  Do you know, he….  How did we get so distracted?

Me:  Could we continue with the cats please?  It’s far more interesting.

Anyway, eventually we got back to the subject and basically it’s nothing to worry about.  Most likely it’s just a blood pressure thing.  Hooray!

And just to prove that I did go to hospital (I think a few people may have doubted me) here is my special hospital bracelet.  I had a bar code.  I’m taking it into Tesco next week to see what it comes up as.  Mad cat lady, perhaps?  :o)


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