cold + tired = daft

I’m cold and tired.

The coldness has been overcome with a duvet, two blankets a quilted patchwork at night and a thermal vest, long sleeved top, two jumpers and a hoody in the day time (God help me when the temperatures drop below freezing!).

Tiredness though is a little more complicated and it’s not just me.  I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, the busy-ness of work , permanently fighting off winter germs or the thought of having some time off over Christmas (HOORAY!) but we all seem to be a bit sleepy at the moment.

I confirmed my tiredness while getting ready for work the other morning.  I looked pretty pale.  Transparent almost.  So I was rather happy to discover a small tube of tint for cheeks lurking in my make up bag.  I painted a stripe on each cheek and wandered off to do something else, forgetting to rub it in.  A few minutes later…too late.  I had some sort of colour blind camouflage look going on.  Two red stripes that no matter what, refused to blend.  I gave up, popped a bit more powder on and left for work (of course, by the time I got to the office the red strips were out again, but hey ho.)

Tiredness usually affects e-mails first though.  I’ve managed a few interesting ones in my time.  Sending a slightly haughty ‘will you please learn to follow instructions’ mail to a group of managers only two levels below the CEO taught me to find the recall button very, very fast. 

Unfortunately I didn’t know that button existed years back when I sent a mail that started ‘Hi hun,  I hope you had a great weekend…’ and sent it to 3000 technologists across the company.  (Happily, the next line was going to be ‘I hope your ar*e isn’t too sore’ in reference to a long bike ride I knew she’d done but I decided against it for some reason.  Phew.)  As it was I went into work the next day to a chorus of ‘Hi Hun’…

My colleague friend did the best one last week though.  She sent a mail to her most senior client – a well known individual in the company.  A few hours later she reread the mail to discover she’d managed to sign off ‘Love you….’

That has made me giggle A LOT :o)



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