Weeble World, here I come!

Tomorrow night it is my work Christmas party.  I have a couple of things in the next few months that I can’t get away with wearing jeans and desert boots to, so I bought an outfit.  I did this forgetting that I have not been spare tyre free around my middle for a while now and when I tried the outfit on (bought over the internet due to complete lack of time to shop) I looked a bit…well….lumpy.

I have to admit, as a result, I have now succumbed to a body shaping ‘thing’ (to the uninitiated, ladies can buy various bits of lycra that masquerade as underwear to hold lumpy bits in at all the right places).  Mine is a small black tube that stretches from the bottom of my bra to the bottom of my knickers.  In the shop I’d tried it on, stood and wondered just where the lumps and been transferred to, wondered if breathing was really that vital, decided not, taken it straight off and parted with my money.

When I got home I tried it on with my outfit and attempted to move around. I now know how Weebles (one of my childhood toys) felt.  In my thingy, I can make no movement in the waist area.  At all.  Still, tomorrow night, my friends won’t have trouble spotting me.  I’ll be the one standing bolt upright moving only arms and feet.  That is, unless I have a few to drink.  In which case I’ll be the one with a shoe in each hand and a suspiciously oversized black Lyrca headband…

I’ll let you know which way it goes… :o)


This is almost EXACTLY what I will look like tomorrow night…

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