Weeble world update

Well the good news is that I managed to keep the body shaping ‘thing’ (weeble outfit) on for the entire Christmas party (although my shoes ended up in my hands rather early on).  It turns out though, that I didn’t need it.  Not because I lost a few stone over night, but because it was the coldest Christmas party in the history of Christmas parties and I had to keep my huge cardigan on all night, effectively covering me from neck to knees.  It wasn’t just me being a toad either – others had coats, scarves and, in a few cases, hats on for the entire night.

I broke my rule of sticking to one drink…again…which resulted in rather a lot of embarrassing drunkenness, but on the upside I made good friends with the bus driver on the way home who offered me dinner, a dvd and, when I took out my blackberry, a Samsung phone. It also gave me the confidence to talk those-with-the-power so that our bus could leave half full rather than waiting even longer for more people (although I may have actually just scared him by slurring at him that ‘we really have to get to Bumpkinsville you know…’).  This got me a cheer when I wobbled back onto the bus :o)

So things went well, until the train.  First I started texting.  Badly.  I informed Sister 2 that ‘I’m konsondi and getting taxi so sleeeep.’  And to another friend ‘have just extracted myself from evil.ness on grain a,nd in the process tissue is p’.

What that last text referred to was the fact that I decided part way home I’d been wearing my weeble outfit too long and it was coming off. I have no idea quite how I managed it, but I did.  And then I put my cardigan back on.  As I did, a screwed up tissue flew out of my sleeve, across the aisle and onto the lap of another (sleeping) passenger.  I found this hilarious.  Sister 2 it turns out, didn’t find it so funny, mainly because when I called her to giggle down the phone, I woke her up.

But no real damage was done over the evening.  And I managed to get home in once piece.  It was just this morning that I was in bits.  I think I may be getting too old for this drinking lark but hey ho, if you can’t have a few moments of daftness at the Christmas party, when can you?  :o)

 time for an early night now...

time for an early night now…

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