Office oops

I’ve never really understood people who say they are ‘one person in work and another outside’.  It sounds like a self inflicted mental health issue and an awful lot of work to me, so I try to be me wherever I am.  Sometimes I wonder if this is such a good idea though.

Our team had to fill in a skills matrix recently and this week, it was opened (with our answers) to a much wider group.  One of my friends in this wider group e-mailed me thanking me for the giggle.  One of the questions was around the languages we spoke and at what level.  Thinking that only my team (who are great) would see my response, I’d put that I my ability was ‘miming in Spanish and French.’  I debated removing my comment but decided that it is true (I lived in Geneva and the Canaries many moons ago and could understand both, but was too scared to actually speak either), so I might as well leave it.

And that reminded me of a story from the other week.  I’d been outside the office and saw the friend I just mentioned on the other side of the road waiting to cross.  She was wearing her blue hat so I knew it was her. I waved but she didn’t see me.  So I decided to make her laugh when she did see me and started doing a little dance.  The dance got increasingly enthusiastic as she got closer, and then I realised that it…nope, it wasn’t her. Same hat, different wearer of hat.

Maybe I should be another person in work after all.  And around work.  :o)

There didn't seem to be an appropriate picture, so here's some sheep in a field.

There didn’t seem to be an appropriate picture, so here’s some sheep in a field.

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