Animals of all shapes and sizes

This morning, while it was still dark, I opened the door from my bedroom to my conservatory and found a dead rat.  Armed with a lot of kitchen roll I inspected it a bit closer and realised it wasn’t a rat.  I wondered if it was actually the world’s biggest fur ball.  Then I had a stroke of genius and thought I’d turn the light on and discovered…


….half a joint of cooked beef.  Obviously someone’s Sunday left over’s.  Probably enough for tonight’s dinner for about three people.  How Norman cat got it home I have no idea.

It was obviously a hungry animal day though.  At work we had an unexpected visitor on the 9th floor window sill.

He wasn't this blurry (neither is the office) in real life

He wasn’t this blurry (neither is the office) in real life

This seagull was pecking the window, attempting to reach a  colleagues tube of Love Heart sweets.

And in other animal news, one of my very lovely colleagues made me laugh a lot last week.  I’d bought a box of tissues and was very happy to discover that the ears and mouth poked out to give a 3D effect (it’s the little things).


However, I felt the manuafacturer hadn’t gone as far as they could as the tail didn’t do anything exciting.  A few days later though, I was staring at the box and realised the tail was sticking out.  This very lovely colleague of mine had got creative and doctored the box:


Ta da!

It makes me smile every time I look at it.  Norman just makes me worried when I look at him.  He seems to be upping the stakes with the food he brings me.  I’m concerned it won’t be long before I wake up to find he’s dragged a lamb back from the field over the road…. :o)

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