Quotes from friends

In the last week or so I’ve heard some great quotes I thought it only fair to share…

First, from the stunningly good looking intern at work (who obviously paid me to call him that…)

‘The one thing I’ve learned in working here over the last nine months is that if you want to keep a bunch of 30-something women happy, bring them food.’

(We were going to disagree, then realised he was entirely correct as we munched through some cheese cake he’d kindly shared with us…)

Then from Sister 1 when talking to someone about a rather boring visitor that had to be entertained:

‘That’s the problem with people coming to your house…you can’t really leave.’

And Sister 2 on discovering the contents of the drawer under my wardrobe (which could be mistaken for a small branch of Boots):

‘Wow…it’s like a man drawer….but for ladies!’

And my personal favourite from a very clever colleague:

‘Never admit to being a fruitcake.  Just give it to them one sultana at a time…’


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2 Responses to Quotes from friends

  1. G-Force says:

    i like the sound of this intern. not only is he incredibly good looking, he also seems very wise…

talk to me here , if you fancy :o)

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